What About Now?

I’m unsure if it’s a part of the American culture or just in my head, but I have an issue with fully embracing and enjoying: “NOW!” Don’t misunderstand me: I know how to have a good time and certainly enjoy a good laugh. However, at times when I’m sitting quietly, my mind imagines some event or circumstance that has not yet physically manifested, and I am all rosy, light and happy in the future!




When I really sit down and think about it, my life is totally BLESSED! The peace that lives within me is something that I prayed for, for YEARS! The relationships and the growth that I’ve experienced is nothing short of a miracle and I would have never imagined myself being as clear minded, faithful, and strong as I am today!


I’m learning how to set boundaries and not judge myself as harshly as I’ve done in the past. I’m leaning into my mistakes to find patterns and the lessons that will help me to be better and better and better! I’m phasing out of toxic co-dependency and flowing to the dependency that restores, gives light, and corrects me when needed! I’m not hiding from my emotions: I’m facing them head on!


So my friends, if you too look back and see where you were, there is certainly something to praise and something that will also help you to relish the NOW!


Today is your day! And tomorrow will be even better; make sure that you take the time out to enjoy it!


Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mother’s in the world and beyond!

*(That's when this blog was written :)