There's been so many times in life that I've wanted to do something big...huge... or extraordinary to help people! It didn't need to garner a lot of attention from others but just be impactful to the growth of those who I intended to help! And a lot of times, I succeeded in doing just that!  But, I gave so much to others and somewhere along the path, I forgot to give to me! I needed to give to myself in order to heal somethings on the inside... things that we all have dealt with... grief, over analyzing, work, significant others, loss, gain, etc. 

So one day I decided to simply really try to make room to be still and meditate. I timed myself in the beginning and it was difficult and I has highly distracted. But somewhere in that adjustment period...I began to see where God was meeting where I had made room to listen and be still. 

In the midst of the process, I was sitting in my living room journaling/doodling/ writing out ideas and goals. This is something that I've done since I was a child and I really enjoy writing out my ideas and goals!

(Are you able to tell that  I'm a bit of a checklist person???? That's evolving as well!)

Anyhow, on this particular day, I'd written out three ideas and one of them was to create a card and candle company. I'd written down various versions of the line, the greetings, design concepts, and various places that I'd started researching about the business.  And after that date, I "sat on it" and maybe I forgot about it too! I ended up speaking with a friend of a friend who is a business owner about something that I don't really recall. But what I do remember vividly about that conversation is that she ended up asking me about my business goals and what did I want to do in addition to my job/career and my response was, " I want to start a card and candle company."  My statement caused me to pause and reflect because it was like an "aha moment" and I didnt expect to say that! It had been months since I'd looked at my ideas on that page in my journal or even completed a morsel of a step to make this thing come into fruition! That moment set the ball in motion and while I've had some setbacks, I've mostly had divine grace and blessings as I've worked arduously in faith to make this thing happen!

So, in my growth, I realized that I needed to give and receive "hugs" from God, myself, my family, friends, and others that were sent into my life for a purpose: even if that person was only for a moment. We are not meant to live this life disconnected from others. To be clear solitude and being by one's self and self reliance is an important part of life but also having a tribe to speak LOVE into and over your life is vital!

We need it all: God (LOVE), ourselves, and our tribe to traverse in this life!

While the power of technology is great, there is a different ENERGY that comes from elements that you've thought about, touched, graced with your personal GOOD wishes for the receiver,and sent out! The divinity is in the process of exerting this GOOD ENERGY to bless, encourage, and or sometimes correct in LOVE!

This is what the cards and products in GOOD ENERGY 1111 are built upon and how they came into fruition! It is the GOOD ENERGY of LOVE that we wish to compound and send out to keep the connection between the souls of humans.