Fire is transformative. It makes one thing change into another. We certainly shouldn’t be scared of the fire because it brings us closer to who and what we were created to be. How can you learn to be the greatest, if you’ve never been the lowest man on the totem poll? How can you be assured if you’ve never been unsure? Sometimes these lessons are so damn hard to go through, even when you recognize that you’re leveling up; it makes it no easier! Change, growth and glow up: COST US SOMETHING! We must be willing to traverse through the uncomfortable stupor of a lesson! Some people see who you are meant to be, and they have an immediate reaction. They sense your power and they latch onto it, unknowingly or sometimes knowingly, trying to destroy it! At times, knowing your worth can be burdensome but it should not stop us from striving to reach our full potential and greatness! Achieving greatness will cost you something, but the benefit of living intentionally in your purpose far outweighs that sacrifice! It is God sent! It is His plan for you to live a life filled with joy! I refuse to believe that the divine plans and purpose for your life would have you to not enjoy it! This is why suffering is part of living, but it surely IS NOT the whole! Never forget that joy is at the center of your purpose!


Have a great Sunday!